Launch Your Brand Video

According to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them decide to buy or not.
64% of these customers say video increases their likelihood to buy.

With that being said, are you still not making video part of your staple marketing strategy?

Video Promos Concierge is all about helping you get professional mini-promo videos created for you without you STRESSING about having to do it all yourself.

You already have so much on your plate to handle, why add one more task to YOUR to-do list?

You've got so much to do as it is and the last thing you want to do is learn one more technology that will allow you to create your videos.

You know they promise you that you don't need to know Adobe or be a graphic designer or videographer to create yours, but you simply don't have the time or desire to add one more thing to your To Do List.

Think about it, creating your own professional video may involve you hiring the actors (& keeping your fingers crossed that they don't get sick or bail on you), same with your videographer, getting the right video editor, copywriter, licensing the music, praying for the perfect lighting & weather, & so much more.

All of this can easily cost over $5000 for only a 2-minute video.

At Video Promos Concierge we create professional videos FOR YOU without the stress or burden on you.

HD Mini-Commercials

Increase your sales & minimize confusion
through video!

Wirebuzz found that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Biteable)

Don't be afraid to mute!

85% of Facebook video viewers prefer to watch without sound (Impact)

Check out some samples of our quick templates that you can use for your own projects.

Social Media Video Ads

Wordstream noted that Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. (Biteable)

LIVE Action Videos

Need a quick way to share your message online?

Grab a mini-commercial with live action models.

These can be shared on your website, social media, and YouTube!

Get Your Promo Created

Let your brand stand out!

Mockups are an amazing way to showcase your brand.

Videos amps up the star power of your showcase.

Pushing beyond using images, you can use videos with your services on display.

Video Mockup Scenes

Sometimes you just need a quick video mockup to share your latest services or product with the world.

Creating a commercial with stunning video scene mockup will help you do just that!

Featured Client Video

NY Home Renovation

NY Home Renovation needed a sleek, modern way to promote their services to prospective clients.

We created a quick stylish promo for them that helped keep website visitors interested and calling for consultations!

Meet the Lead Techie

For almost 2 decades Charlene has worked with Solopreneurs create promo videos, build websites, create graphics, & also rebrand and relaunch their online businesses.

Video Promos Concierge was launched with busy Solopreneurs, like you, in mind. You have so much to worry about & learning a new tech skill should be the last thing on your mind.

Get Your Promo Created