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Videos are not the simplest things to create but they have become vital to promoting any business especially online.

At Video Promos Concierge we understand the importance of adding videos to your branding strategy and we understand the importance of your time – especially as a Solopreneur.

You would love to do everything but you just can't and that's ok.

Let my team and I help you with that!

About Charlene Brown

I have worked with helping Solopreneurs for almost 20 years to brand themselves online and now I'm using that knowledge to help them brand themselves through video.

Branding should go beyond creating a website and a logo. Cultivating a message that speaks to your audience is key and video can help expand any Solopreneurs ability to share their message.

My team and I handle your tech hassles while you focus on what you love to do most in your business.

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Some Of My Skills

Branding Consulting & Development 100%
Graphic Designer 98%
Video Production 92%
WordPress Developer 100%
Coding: CSS, HTML, PHP, Ruby Rails, Python 94%
Optimization & SEO 96%

More About Charlene

I'm dedicated to getting your business and brand where it should be but we can't do it alone. Through your dedication to yourself and your own business, the branding strategies my team and I provide will help you soar to amazing heights.

If you won't investing in yourself or your brand why should anyone else?

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Video needs differ from project to project but we work hard to capture what your brand needs for any given project.

View some videos that we've created & come back to see more updated projects as VPC continues to serve you & provide promos for your brand.

Before you can create an awesome video promo strategy you should know what your basic branding strategy is. #layyourfoundation

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